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Graceful Agony - Canadian Blog Award Nominee!!



I have had a few questions on how to vote for Graceful Agony ONCE per DAY already!!  First of all, let me say THANK YOU from the bottom on my heart. I am so overwhelmed with the support and encouragement I have received.  THAT, my friends, is the REWARD for having this blog.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Now – on to the voting…..

The polls you need to access for voting reset themselves EVERY 24 Hours from the TIME in which you LAST voted….

Meaning, If you voted at 6:00pm yesterday, you can go back and return to the polls to vote again at 6:00pm tonight etc.

So remember for the next 5 days to vote right before you go to bed, or when you wake up in the morning!! 😉  You can make it a part of your daily ritual!

The voting ends October 26th at Noon – so make sure you get a final vote in if you’d like to!!

Once again here are the links to the polls:

– Best Chronic Illness Blog

– Best Health Blog

– Best New Blog 2010

– Best Overall Blog
http://polldaddy….com/poll/3950290/ – Best Personal Blog
I am still in awe that I was nominated in so many categories, and the love I have felt through the process has been really overwhelming to me.  My pain has threatened to completely shut me down for the past few weeks, and this has given me such a positive thing to hold on to…. There is no way this girl is going to be shut down when there are so many people supporting me and holding me up!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Being nominated specifically for Best Health Blog, and Best Chronic Illness blog really means everything to me.  I hope I can be an accurate and graceful representative in this community, and make you all proud!!
All my love to you…. Thank you for being in my corner every step of the way!
If anyone has any more questions, concerns, messages in regards to these awards, please feel free to email me at gracefulagony@gmail.com or leave a comment!!



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Poll: Best Personal Blog 2010 | Polldaddy.com (poll 3901025).

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