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On September 3, 2010, the International Association for the Study of Pain met in Montreal, Quebec and held the very first International Pain Summit. Approximately 281 people attended the event from around the world to discuss the importance of pain relief as a HUMAN RIGHT and the need for guidelines Before beginning the and new strategies on how to handle this medical crisis. To be frank, as a whole people do NOT understand chronic pain as many of you know from personal experience. We live in a society in which pain control has not been a human right thus far. What we fight for everyday – compassionate drug use, respect, education, and advocacy are not only national issues within our own medical community, but they are WORLD issues that have hit epidemic proportions.

I have said many times here on Graceful Agony that we want our voices to be heard. We want to be treated with respect. We want to have a quality of life which we would not be able to find without pharmaceutical help. WE WANT OUR RIGHTS – to be treated fairly, with dignity and compassion.

Below you will find the short video presentation that the IASP were shown at the beginning of The International Pain Summit. I warn you now that although it isn’t what I would call “Graphic”, it was hard to watch from an emotional standpoint.

One thing is for sure, you can not dispute the fact that without the availability of opiate-based narcotics endless and unnecessary suffering will occur.

I wanted to share this video with all of my readers today and share a message….

The World has become quick to judge people who take certain forms of medication. Many of us have been labeled by our own families, our friends, and our employers.  Some of us have been judged by our Pharmacists and Doctors even….

Isn’t it time to stop all of that and start living by the Golden Rule?

Treat others the way you would want to be treated in that same position.

Don’t judge.

Promote understanding and Awareness.

Whether you suffer from pain or not, you can stand up for someone who does.

If we can somehow become a unified voice, maybe then people wouldn’t have to suffer.


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