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Okay y’all… Today is the KICK-OFF to the National Invisible Illness Awareness Week!

From September 13-19th

I will be blogging in hopes that my words will

be heard by other Invisible Illness Sufferers,

so that they may know that they are not alone…

And by people who have never experienced an Invisible Illness so that I

may be able to contribute

to the awareness, understanding, empathy,

and compassion of Invisible Illness sufferers around  this world.

I am only one of close to 134 MILLION people

who wake up each morning,

and go to bed each night with

a prayer in my heart, and hope for us all.

My prayer is that one day we will all be treated with compassion and understanding…

We will be treated with the respect and dignity that we deserve…

And that one day we won’t have to live with the

Physical and Emotional Pain that comes with


I am dedicating my blog  this week to the millions of people who suffer silently……

and hope and pray that my words may be a vehicle to help bring about change.

To all of my beautiful friends in the online “Chronic” Community,

I raise my voice beside you and WITH you my friends….

There is MUCH strength in numbers,

and I know,

That our unified voice will eventually be heard.

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